World of Aurora

It began with…” is taking the place of Once upon a time...


Currently writing and looking for representation on my fairytale books set in the World of Aurora.

Aurora has it’s own blog and facebook pages for more detail;


The first two books are complete and two more are works in progress. As well as the feature length books of approx. 30.000 words each, I have written 28 mini stories of max. 100 words for the social media campaign #februaryfiction 2019, where I introduced different characters, whom live in the kingdoms of Aurora.


I am also writing short stories based on non-leading characters.




“It began with hope…”
Prince Vincent is bound to a life in a wheelchair, but as first born of The Blue Mountains, he is still the heir to the kingdom. His twin brother Nathaniel is physically strong, but struggles academically and together, the brothers lift each other up and become two halves of a perfect prince.
As they grow up, they will have to learn who they are apart, as Vincent goes to university and Nathaniel is off to the military.
True challenge arrives in the shape of girls, as their mother introduces them to the Princesses of The Green Shores and The Red Sands, and Vincent is left to wonder, if anyone will ever love him as he truly is and if his people will ever accept a cripple as their king.
“It began with fear…”
Prince Mirounga lost his father in the war and is being sent away from his home in The Green Shores, to train as a squire under General Nathaniel of The Blue Mountains. But Miro is shy and afraid, that he will once again be bullied for his large size and quiet, gentle demeanour.
Arriving in The Royal Guard, he finds that the General has given Miro to another knight and in Miro’s place by the Generals side is Tarek, the arrogant and proud brother of The Sultan of The Red Sands, a far worse bully than Miro ever knew at home.
And with him, from the desert, Tarek carries a secret, that could start up a new war.
When catastrophe strikes and his friends are in danger, Miro has to come to grips with the fact, that sometimes, size really does matter. Both the size and strength of his body and of his heart.
Hidden #1
“It began with love…”
Escaping her older sisters shadow, Princess Rose chooses to study natural sciences and engineering in The Red Sands, rather than at home in The Blue Mountains.
In Princess Parvane, she finds a kindred spirit and an equal, born on the same day they are practically twins.
With rumours of a ghost of the infamous Scarlet Guard haunting the City of Santra, the girls venture into the Sultan’s secret past and discover, that the word family transforms into a whole new meaning.
And with the arrival of The Purple Plains’ trade caravans and their hansom young riders, the girls are left to wonder, if they might have gotten into far more trouble than they can handle.
This novel is currently in the idea stages and will be written in 2019/2020.
“It began with laughter…”
Of all the Queens daughters, Mphepo is her mother’s favourite. Which is why it hurts more, for Mphepo to see her mother’s health get worse every season.
The Green Rivers and the health and strength of the Queen is tightly connected and as the bountiful lands are suffering a sickness, so is the Queen.
Prophecy says the cure lies across the sea, in a place of liquid land and solid ice. And as the foreign diplomat, Admiral Mirounga, speaks of such a place, Mphepo runs away from home and becomes the first ever river, to follow its waters into the sea aboard the legendary ship The Waverider.
Without solid ground beneath her feet, Mphepo embarks on an adventure, not just to save her mother, but all of The Green Rivers and in the end, perhaps even all of Aurora.
This novel is currently in the idea stages and will be written in 2019/2020.