Short Stories

The length of a story depends on how much the story needs to say, until it is told.

“The Child Astronaut” is a story about a runaway dream, not wanting to be forgotten. While Delilah’s mother tells her, that she can’t be an astronaut and has to stay on the farm, the dream, in the shape of a child astronaut, flies out the window, over the mountain and into the stars, where she ends up at The Library of Forgotten Dreams and meets it’s caretaker Henry. Delilah gets to see many other runaway dreams and some who have been let go and learns, that sometimes you have to let go of one dream, to make room for a better one, which will come true.

The short story is selfpublished and can be found on Amazon.

Above illustration borrowed from Ciaran Duffy, Ireland, whom I have contacted for cover art @hellociaran