“It began with laughter…”
Of all the Queens daughters, Mphepo is her mother’s favourite. Which is why it hurts more, for Mphepo to see her mother’s health get worse every season.
The Green Rivers and the health and strength of the Queen is tightly connected and as the bountiful lands are suffering a sickness, so is the Queen.
Prophecy says the cure lies across the sea, in a place of liquid land and solid ice. And as the foreign diplomat, Admiral Mirounga, speaks of such a place, Mphepo runs away from home and becomes the first ever river, to follow its waters into the sea aboard the legendary ship The Waverider.
Without solid ground beneath her feet, Mphepo embarks on an adventure, not just to save her mother, but all of The Green Rivers and in the end, perhaps even all of Aurora.
This novel is currently in the idea stages and will be written in 2019/2020.