All about the background

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for learning and exploring. I’ve dived into books as easily as I’ve climbed trees and mountain tops, always looking for something to enlighten my view on the world.

It was no surprise then, that the common thread through my colourful career has been education, as I believe that education is the best way to broaden your mind and explore your own world and the world of others.

Before I made the choice to focus on writing (and use my experience and education along with my imagination and passion for storytelling), I had spent 15 years of my life focusing on children and teenagers, as well as people living in the margins of society.

I started working with children back when I was still a child myself; my first educational job was as a gym instructor for pre-schoolers, when I was in the 10th grade. Since then, my experience includes nursery, kindergarten, preschool, primary school, after school programmes, Summer camps, sexual education and an online advise column for teens, as well as NGO relief work and a stint in the military. (not to forget all my service jobs, I’m one hell of a waitress.)

I’ve worked part time, full time, temp jobs and permanent positions, all while getting my own degrees and travelling the world. I am currently working with special needs children, which is both rewarding, challenging, humbling and inspiring.

With my BA in Social Education, I focused on ages 5-15, social and psychological development, storytelling, kids media, learning through playing, and marginalised children. With my MA in Educational Anthropology, I focused on ages 16-23, institutionalisation, identity processes, subcultures, culture clashes, culture exchange and culture development as well as the individual’s own narrative voice to self worth and self identification.

I also bake and eat a lot of cookies, live in a home surrounded with books, plants and cats, do outdoorsy things like kayaking, hiking and camping, and indoorsy things like binge watching tv-series and eating my feelings.