All about the cake

#Caketober is a celebration of Autumn.

For years I’ve had a baked treat every day in October, whether it was a slice of cake, a cookie or biscotti, I’ve decided that just one day to celebrate ones birthday is not enough.

October is a magnificently beautiful month and I pay tribute with cake.

In 2013 I decided, that cake every day was not enough, I had to challenge myself with a different cake every day and thus #Caketober was born. In 2017 I also learned how to Instagram and so it wouldn’t just be friends on facebook being spammed by photos of my special diet, but strangers too. How delightful!

Many of my amateur nature photography pics can be found here as well. But some young man took my  name before I became social media savvy, so I’m @tjceder on Instagram for now.


#Caketober is also the name of a British charity, information on this can be found here:

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