World of Aurora

“It began with…” will soon be replacing Once Upon A Time…

The World of Aurora is a fairytale realm, made up by kingdoms that mirror our own world and is full of coming of age stories, which address modern issues in a classic fairytale setting for readers ages 10+.


The first book Crippled was completed during NaNoWriMo 2017 (gotta love a deadline!) and is approx. 30.000 words. The second book Blind was started during NaNoWriMo 2018 (then came a busy day-job season) finished in April 2019 and has approx. 43.000 words.

Coming up are Hidden and Running, which are current works in progress.


All books feature different protagonists, adventuring to both familiar and new places, as well as new challenges and themes for modern day readers.


For #februaryfiction 2019, I completed 28 mini-short stories on social media, introducing characters from the Aurora kingdoms.

Descriptions of Aurora can be found here:

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